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Beginner question on TRichmemo component

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Hi there,

I am new to this board and new to Lazarus. Since I did code in Delphi for a couple of years (a long time ago, using Delphi 5) I figured I should be fine.

Currently I'd love to install the TRichmemo component, but I am puzzled, how to install it.
At I only see a group of files and even subdirectories with files inside.
Is the idea that I have to download each single file manually? Or am I missing some package/archive file?
If someone could advice me what to do, I'd be thankful.

I work on Mac OSX 10.10, Lazarus 1.2.6, FPC 2.6.4

You'd need to use svn client. Typically OSX comes with command-line svn installed. Thus if you open Terminal and run a command there

--- Code: ---svn co 

--- End code ---
It should pull all the files (and directories).

If it doesn't work you can use the attached archive.

Thank you!

Got it, installed it and it seems to work like a charm!  :)

A newer version came out this morning. It's located in the 4019 archive zip at SVN. Unzip the file and look in the components folder for RichMemo. The pkg file is therein.

I am looking for the TRichMemo component too.

returns a 404.

I just installed the Lazarus 1.6, so what is the best way to install this TRichmemo component ?

Tx for your help.


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