Author Topic: GTK2 Tlabel not cross compiling & other issues  (Read 2379 times)


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GTK2 Tlabel not cross compiling & other issues
« on: March 19, 2015, 12:43:00 pm »
I'm cross compiling between win7 and centos6 X86_64
I'm using Typhon install V5.2 which includes fpc 3.1.1

For reasons I can't trace Tlabel is not showing on linux at all.
(the same project compiled for win7 has no problems)
I've tried various fonts and sizes etc.  and tried installing
the microsoft fonts.
Some text such as in memos, tick boxes etc shows up ok.

I see in the bug tracker there has been issues with "transparency" but
can't see any reference to totally missing Tlabels.

I also have a problem with TTabsheet not sizing (vertically) correctly
and the form not seeming to recognise minimum size settings.

I recognise cross compiles of widgets etc.  can be complex but this is my first
attempt so any input or suggestions are welcome - especially if you
think I might be missing something or not configuring correctly.
I can't find any decent faq for cross compiling to gtk - if there is one a link would
be most welcome (or any idiots guide).



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