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Possible error in


I don't understand the line 612 in Why (db or db) and not (db or dp) ? Is it an error ?

--- Code: ---procedure TFPCustomCanvas.Rectangle (const Bounds:TRect);
var np,nb,dp,db,pb : boolean;
  np:= <> psClear; // Need pen ?
  nb:= <> bsClear;  // Need brush ?
  dp:=(pen is TFPCustomDrawPen); // Pen draws ?
  db:=(brush is TFPCustomDrawBrush); // Brush draws ?
  if (np and nb) and not (db or db) then // line 612
    DoRectangleAndFill (bounds)
--- End code ---

Based on the rest of the procedure, yes, you are right that's an error. BUT it is already fixed on the trunk.

Ok. I'll try to use svn in a few days.

Merci (in french in the text^^)


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