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Free Pascal 2.6.2 , saving options

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And so - deleted all (uninstall fpc, registry, directory, fp.ini under %appdata%) , little cleanup of system variables about path theme.
New start, brand new edited full installation (install parameters at end of post).
Shortcuts created ok, fp. cfg and fp.ini install create in C:\FPC\bin\i386-win32
Under %appdata% no signs of fp\fp.ini
System variable PATH edited, but didn't see shanges from command prompt, must restart pc,
     after pc restart - yes from command prompt in PATH there is C:\FPC\bin\i386-Win32.
Then i start FPC from created shortcut on desktop
Yes, by default FPC saves fp.ini under %appdata% - bad for me.

And i'm doing so
- make needed changes to options
- save options as fp.ini in C:\FPC\bin\i386-win32
- exit FPC, check if under %appdata% is something like fp\fp.ini, then delete it
- start FPC, okidoki - from C:\FPC\bin\i386-win32\fp.ini has been taken saved options
So, important
- after install must be one restart
- after making changes in options they must be saved as fp.ini under i386-win32
  and from %appdata% must be deleted fp\fp.ini
- after exit and new start fpc takes saved options from i386-win32\fp.ini

This works at this moment for me.....

--- install parameters-------------------------------
Destination location:

Setup type:
      Custom installation

Selected components:
      Basic system for  win32
      GNU linker and assembler
      Documentation in PDF
      Integrated Development Environment
      Free Pascal Utilities
      GNU make
      GNU debugger

Start Menu folder:

Additional tasks:
      File associations:
         Associate .pp files with Free Pascal IDE
         Associate .inc files with Free Pascal IDE
      Create a desktop icon for the Free Pascal IDE
      Create a default configuration for the Free Pascal IDE
      Create a standard configuration file for the compiler
      Create a standard configuration file for the package manager (fppkg)

Does your windows username (profile name) contain unicode characters?

 :-\ hm , i think no

name - skolotajs
full name - admin
C:\Documents and Settings\skolotajs

may be there, for example, letter a is in unicode character form ...

Big Dormouse


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