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Does anyone already have Raspberry Pi 2?

I got one pretty much straight away. Have tried the installation instructions but it fails as per in this thread:,25687.msg156330.html

Having just reformatted and reinstalled NOOBS 1.3.12 I wasn't keen on the proposed solution, but may not have a choice.

Arch Linux has just made their distro available for the Pi 2.

You can use fpcup to install the latest fpc / lazarus on your system.


Works for me !

Proof ...  :D

Yes I believe it !
I have obtained the same on Banana PI with FPC 2.7.1 and 3/4 weeks Lazarus 1.3.

Lazarus should be pushed to write useful GUI Linux applications.

For example having W$ explorer like interface on those ARM'ed machines would help have nice alternative to some open but disparate file navigators.


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