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fpcup x86_64 linux cross compile to i386 linux
« on: February 01, 2015, 12:04:50 am »
i'm sure this is in the wrong area but i looked over several and guess i just fell short... the fpcup site says simple to "post in the forums" for support but there's no link to the forums and nothing said about which area to post in for fpcup support... please accept my apologies and move this to the proper area if this one is not correct... i generally do all my fpc and lazarus stuff in the mail lists rather than trying to rummage my way around the forums ;)

so here's my situation:

i have fpcup_linux_x64 from 2014 Dec 27 in my home directory on my kubuntu 14.04 LTS x86_64 system... way back then, i ran it and it grabbed fpc 2.6.5, installed it, lazarus and the documentation stuffs... i've been using it off and on with no problems...

today i'm trying to compile an older program that wants to use the "oldlinux" unit... after fumbling around for a bit, it finally struck me that this is only available for i386... i had seen the notations on this but they hadn't stuck with me... so now i'm trying to figure out how to have fpcup do the fpc 1386 linux version... it appears that i need the cross compile tools but i don't know how to build them or where to find them... my google-fu seems to be broken today  :'(

i have found a couple of pages that speak of creating a couple of scripts and placing them in /usr/bin but they seem to be for system-wide installations of fpc and i don't have that... i don't think i want that, either, as i'm using fpcup and everything is done in my user home directory...

so here i am with my hat in my hand asking for some instructions on what i need to grab from where or what i need to tell fpcup to do for me to be able to compile i386-linux programs on this x86_64 box... the simpler the instructions the better... it has been a long week and even longer day and i've still got some 24+ hours more to go before i can even think about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel ;)

thanks for your time! :)
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