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Cross-platform & language HBITMAP and SetParent analog



I've writing pluginable application where plugin return's to me THandle of control which I put on some panel via WinAPI setParent(<for what>, <who's parent>) and image which returns as HBITMAP.

Any cross-platform analogs(interesting GTK2, GTK3 widget sets) for Linux?

Use LCL handle (TControl / TWinControl) instead, it's cross widgetset already.

hm.. yep. But it broke all cross-language features. C++ programmer can't use TContol

Choose one: cross widgetset or cross language, unless you want the C++ part to use LCL as well (feel free to complete LCL Bindings). If you choose cross language anyway, you will have to use damn ifdef for all widgetsets you want to use. Plus, not all backend uses multi-handle design, so a control doesn't always have a handle depending on the backend.

Gtk2 returns PGtkWidget (so that's original gtk2 lib handle).
Qt,gtk3,carbon,cocoa: returns TObject, eg. qt returns TQtWidget() and you can access qt lib handle with TQtWidget(Handle).Widget. Same applies for gtk3,carbon and cocoa.


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