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Running console programs


Hi. I'm using Lazarus latest CVS and FPC 1.0.11.

Is there a way to run a program in the terminal? Or i have to run it manually all the time?


-- Elio.

Vincent Snijders:
The way I thought it would work, is to use xterm as launching application. You can set this option in the Run Parameters dialog you can find in the Run menu.
I just tried to do it myself, but it crashes lazarus with a Gdk-Error:
Gdk-ERROR **: BadWindow (Invalid Window parameter)
  serial 72991 error_code 3 request_code 10 minor code_code.
Apparently this needs some debugging.

I am running lazarus with fpc 1.9.3 both about a week old from CVS.

Note that if you run your app in a terminal, you can't use the debugger.

Have you tried this?
Shell ('xterm & myprogram');

Have you installed the lastest GDK /GTK , X11 libraries....


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