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wayland vs mir vs xorg vs X11 ?


Fred vS:

FPC can deal with X11.

But what about all the others, can somebody explain the advantage of one to others ?

Would it be (extremely) difficult to do the others accessible to FPC ?

What is the future ?


The main Lazarus *nix widgetsets only use X for some window management. The bulk of the work goes through either GTK or QT.

Wayland (and I assume Mir too) have a base X emulation, but even when that eventually would (a very big IF) disappear then it should be relative benign.

Maybe customdrawn needs some work, otoh it probably doesn't really work with detail X primitives and just cranks out bitmaps.

So nothing to worry about.

Fred vS:

--- Quote ---So nothing to worry about.
--- End quote ---


Thanks Marcov.



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