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FPC & Lazarus documentation compile as inf


Is the way to compile the documentation in the inf format  (for DocView) documented or some information about ?

I have searched with google and found some information about compiling as html and pdf (and some other formats). In the sources of the documentation (from svn) i have searched in the makefiles, but i have not found a target to create 'inf'. Also in the sources of the fpGUI toolkit, i have not found any hint, only compiled inf-files in the Downloadarea. 

THX 4 hints


Fred vS:

Maybe you may ask it to fpGUI forum =>

I am sure there is everything that you need.


After answering on the german forum I searched around a bit, the filename of the compiler seems to be "ipfc", and it origins seems to be openwatcom. 

I can vaguely remember Graeme mention OW, so that would match. I don't know from what target (OS/2, dos, win) it is though.

Seems Graeme provides them here:

Thanks for the information, this was the missing link for me.

The executables looks for win and linux. With the Information in the german Lazarus forum, the fog will clear more and more for me.


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