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GTK2 Combobox menu bug?


OK, weird thing going down with GTK2, and I wonder if there's a fix or workaround.  I have a bunch of items in a combobox, and with Qt, it works as expected, but with GTK2, clicking it opens up a HUGE bank of whitespace above the first item.  Here's a couple screenshots:

Lazarus is not guilty. Other GTK2 app do it too. See screenshot from Inkscape.

Ah, exactly as I had hoped (kinda).  I think I had noticed that in other GTK apps, but I wonder if there's a workaround.

... besides using Qt  :P

It looks like it expands from below and fills out at top? Maybe a default/mod/setting for Gnome systems with the menubar at the bottom?

Biggest crap I've ever seen is menu combobox in gtk. eg. pgadmin3 is gtk2, and eg. try to create table and then define some field. Combobox menu of field types have maybe 200 items, and you cannot reach eg int by typing int or at least i, so must scroll each time. Also such menu is shown from the top to the bottom of the screen. Pretty bad design


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