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freeBSD => pkg install fpc ?


Fred vS:

Only to signal that doing in freeBSD   > pkg install fpc

=> do not install correctly fpc (lot of things are missing, no package, no units, nothing).

The right way to install fpc on freeBSD is to download the package here=>

And run the ./ script.

This way install fpc correctly, with all his needed units and packages.


That's the reason I don't like to install FPC from any package management system like offered by FreeBSD or Linux. The split the "Free Pascal Compiler" project into many small packages. The "fpc" package probably just installs the compiler binary. Then you still have to install the "fpc-units", "fpc-db" etc etc... Very annoying!

Hence I ALWAYS follow the suggestion you made. Simply use the official binary installer supplied by the FPC Team. It always works, and installs everything you need, including documentation.


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