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I just found out about  lazarus, it seems to be an quite amazing project.
I say seems because i can not start it, i get to the splash screen and then it does  nothing more except using all cpu.
I am using the latest rpms from sourceforge, is it a known problem?

Vincent Snijders:
The latest cvs runs fine on fedora core 1. The rpms are likely to have a problem, because of a bug in fpc (or changed behaviour regarding valid error numbers in fedora). This is fixed 10 march 2004, just after the release of the rpms:

Thanks, for the info...
But after spending to much time wrestling with rpmbuild and the latest snapshot i gave up.  Maybe i can retire kylix for my next project...

You can get the latest nightly build for FPC from the FPC website.
When you have the latest Lazarus sources, judst type make in you lazarus source dir. You don't have to use rpmbuild

I have the same problem in Fedora Core 2. Lazarus hang and uses much CPU, but I try to compile a program without Lazarus but with FPC and the same problem, the program runs, hang and uses much CPU.


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