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Window>Size/Move on Ubuntu via Putty from XP


Using Putty on XP connecting to a remote Ubuntu 11.04 server.

On the Ubuntu system
I've installed the compiler & text IDE via
apt-get install fp-compiler
apt-get install fp-ide

Compiler version:
Free Pascal Compiler version 2.4.0-2ubuntu3.1 [2011/06/17] for i386

IDE version: 1.0.12 2011/06/07

I can compile & run HelloWorld.pas!

ok, the mouse doesn't work, but what about Window resizing? I can move windows via Ctrl-F5 followed by cursor keys. I should also be able to resize them using Shift+Cursor, but it doesn't work.  Shift + Left arrow has the effect of moving window left, Shift + any other arrow key does nothing.

The window resize procedures all work correctly on the text IDE installed locally on my XP machine.


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