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Sqldb vs Zeoslib

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Hi Miab3,

I have test your suggestion. I use menu Run->Clean up build files. Don't know whether there is a better ways and simple. I will try to compile ZAbstractConnection only.

It reduce binary size from 2,7Mb to 1.850Kb for my fcgi program, and it reduce memory to 35.972Kb. And for sqlite, it only use 5.176Kb from around 13.000Kb.

But it is still quite big. I have a multithread program use BDE (Delphi 7). There are around 30 threads and it use memory smaller than my fcgi (lazarus).

Zeos it very fast compare to BDE, but memory issue should be a problem for cgi apps.


Have you checked what size are your Oracle client library?


Hi Michal,

Merry christmas. Btw, I managed to test sqldb 64 oraconnection. It use memory very small compare to zeos. I test to open 1 connection only without query, it only use around 6Mb. Very small, but quite slow compare zeos.

I just know, you are tester team of zeos. Glad to see you here.

I use oracle instant client 11.2.

I don't know how to use zeos in 64bit world. Do you have any links to learn ? Any possibilities zeos use big memory because zeos 32bit code use in 64bit OS ? Learn from sqldb, memory size is reduced 80%, between 32bit to 64bit in 64bit OS.

For both 32 and 64 bit you can indicate the proper location of the Oracle client in LibraryLocation.
The ZEOS 64-bit Oracle application also uses less memory(at the beginning).

Recent tests (basically the final version ZEOS 7.2):



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