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Sqldb vs Zeoslib

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Hi all,

I test query 33.402 records again oracle xe 64 bit. I use laptop core i5 asus zenbook. Sqldb result around 2 second and zeoslib around 1 second. But zeoslib use memory bigger than sqldb. Only open 1 connection it use 43.416Kb.

Quite big if we use it for cgi application. 1 request will eat memory 42Mb.

I try to install odac for lazarus but it failed. I can not compile it. Anybody have try it ?

Thank you.

in general if you mostly store huge binary data in the db sooner or later you will face this  problem especialy with this amount of records.....
30000+ records is not human readble thought
if you are going to make use of this db on net ( but for local use the principle is the same also)
 make use of a paging algorithm and fetch and display 5-10-20 records at a time
stress your system only IF you can't do other ways

Zeoslib fetches all resulting data rows from Server. Sqldb only 20.
Maybe you should change TZQuery.FetchRow property.
TZQuery.FetchRow := 0; //fetches all data Rows from Server
TZQuery.FetchRow > 0; //fetches only the nummer you entered.

Hi Never and Soner,

It is just a test. Event if you open the connection without query, Zeos still use around 42Mb and Sqldb around 32Mb. Did you notice this before ?

If you create a cgi program, than it eat much of your server resource. I test 30K records just for test to make sure who is faster. That's way use quite big records.


Do Zeos compile only for Oracle, or for all databases?



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