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Wow, finally somebody interested in FFmpeg-DLLs.  :)

--- Quote ---Is you project have source any where?
--- End quote ---
Only on my PC, nowhere else - Nobody asked for it yet.  %)

--- Quote ---I wan to take a look at it
--- End quote ---
Which part are You interested in ?  :)

Current State:
Got Video(SDL, OpenGL) and Audio(SDL) running, but only with some "PseudoSynching",
as well as save VideoFrame to PPM-File.
-> Next Step: Threading & Synching with LazarusMeans only.
(FFPlay.exe, DrangerTutorial, and UltraStar use SDL-TimeBase and SDL-Threading.)

--- Quote ---It seems interesting
--- End quote ---
Hope so - Up to now, I didn't find anything like this for Lazarus;
everybody "only" uses the FFmpeg-EXEs.


--- Quote ---Wow, finally somebody interested in FFmpeg-DLLs.
--- End quote ---
Because I don't find this until now!

--- Quote ---Nobody asked for it yet.
--- End quote ---
I'm ask if you want to share sure.

--- Quote ---Which part are You interested in ?
--- End quote ---
All of it especially custom video play system.ffmpeg is so powerful and I'm sure we can done grate things with it.

--- Quote ---Hope so - Up to know, I didn't find anything like this for Lazarus;
everybody "only" uses the FFmpeg-EXEs.
--- End quote ---
Yes,its been a month I am searching for ways to make a custom video player and there isn't any good source.
By the chance are you author of ovoplayer?


Sorry for answering so late, but (even in 2015) I still got no internet at home.  :'(

--- Quote ---if you want to share ... All of it ... to make a custom video player
--- End quote ---
Well, up to now my code is very "brainstormy", full with personal notes, quite early to publish.
It works - not perfectly yet - but it works, at least on my PC:
- INTEL Pentium DualCore 1,60GHz, 2 GB RAM
- WinXP 32 SP3
- Lazarus v1.2.2 + fpc v2.6.4

I started my FFPlay4Laz with DrangerTutorial and UltraStar, to get familiar with this subject first.
Thus, my present Code is quite near to them, but not equal; last but not least it's all in FPC-Mode (<-> UltraStar).

For the future, it's surely better to go on with the FFVCL-Wrappers. They match with newer FFmpeg-DLLs,
and got much more features than those from UltraStar - here's only one example:
UltraStar-Wrappers got no way to differ between FrameTypes ("I","P","B", etc.) <-> FFVCL, see:
FFVCL v5.6 -> 'libavutil.pas' -> "TAVPictureType".

So, a good entry for You to see, how to open, decode, etc. a VideoFile can be found in:
- 'FFVCL v5.6\...\examples\filtering_video.dpr' (Conversion works fine with the Lazarus-ConversionTool)
- '' by 'The Creative CAT' shows another, but much elder approach.

Once You got this, there should be no problem to insert the Code I wrote for Audio-/VideoOutput.

--- Quote ---isn't any good source
--- End quote ---
Usually what's the problem ? Which parts do not work in general ? What is missing ?

--- Quote ---we can done grate things with it.
--- End quote ---
Sounds great -> Tell me more - who's "we" ? :)

--- Quote ---By the chance are you author of ovoplayer?
--- End quote ---
No - I only wanted to encourage Fred vS to extend the features of his (great) UOS. About a year ago,
I had a little chat with him. At that time I was especially interested in rendering mp3 and WMA, see:
"uos and uoslib version 1.0 is here",23725.msg142114.html#msg142114).

Meanwhile I aim to reproduce ANY Audio and ANY Video -> FFmpeg.  :D

@metis with no internet and WinXp I'm sure you are a bad ass developer ;)

I look at units you said,I should say they are quite hard for me,Because I haven't experience in this field before.
My problem is playing files in a row with minimum delay and for this I need buffer before play.Look at here:,27324.0.html
I think about custom video player and I need that ability as I said.
We is You,me and any one like this field like one off my friends.
I must say I like your project and if you want I sure want to test,browse and help (if can in source o r making demo or ...) and I'm don't care about messy codes ;)
Please let me know.

This is VERY interesting indeed...


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