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@ALL, specially @Fred vS

Inspired by the Thread "Component for retrieving data from video files" in this Forum,22038.0.html,
I started to build up a FFmpeg-MediaPlayer for Lazarus, which
is NOT "only" using FFmpeg's 'ffplay.exe' (= "NON(!)-EXE").

For the FFmpeg-CommandLine-Tools ( there are already plenty of
Documentations, CodeSamples and Examples for how to use them, as well as FrontEnds.

But, what's about the cute, little FFmpeg-Libraries ?

For those, who are interested in Stuff like this, the best Entrance, that I found is this:
"An ffmpeg and SDL Tutorial or How to Write a Video Player in Less Than 1000 Lines"
Whilst this is all C-Code, the Pascal-Counterparts can be found in 'Ultrastar' and 'grape3D'.

Current ProjectState:
- Open/Read/Decode/Close a MediaFile       : done
- Get all Infos about that MediaFile                : done (= "Retrieving Data from VideoFiles" )
- Video-Output via SDL's YUV-Overlay          : done
- Video-Output via SDL's RGB-Surface         : started, but not so important for me
- Video-Output via SDL's Textures                 : done
- Video-Output via the 'LazOpenGLControl'   : done
  (This Part includes the FPC-Codes to X/Y-Shift, Flip horizontally/vertically, Zoom, Rotate with 'OpenGL')
- Audio-Output via SDL-Audio and PortAudio : done
- Threading, AV-Synching, Seeking, Looping : done

This Topic is NOT meant to discuss the Pros&Cons of FFmpeg-EXEs/-LIBs, or
do something like "FFmpeg-EXEs vs. FFmpeg-LIBs", because this is evident.

The last Release with SDL v1 (fully-featured Player, CLI+DLL + Test&Demo-GUI with Source) can be downloaded here:,26666.msg337046.html#msg337046

The first Release with SDL v2 (fully-featured ConsoleVersion with SDL2) can be downloaded here:,26666.msg428667.html#msg428667

Have Fun with superior Sound  :)

(IIRC Jedi-SDL already had a ffmpeg header. It might be the origin of the ones you found)


Do You refer to the Jedi-SDL, that comes with Ultrastrar-SourceCode ?

I'm not talking about Pascal-Headers for FFmpeg; these indeed already do exist.


Maybe, last Time I got You wrong, and You just wanted to tell me, where to get the FFmpeg-Headers from.  :)

Well, I started the Project with the Headers, that come with Ultrastar-SourceCode (= v52.67.2):

Once this works, I'll intend to implement those from FFVCL:

@Fred vS

If You are still interested in implementing FFmpeg in Your UOS, to play ANY AudioFormat with it, have a Look at this:
-> 'src\audioengine_ffmpeg.pas'  ;)


Is you project have source any where?
I wan to take a look at it,It seems interesting.


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