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Raspberry pi lazarus compile problem

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I have question. I have raspberry pi version with 256mb and 16gb sd kaart. I installed lazarus and it boots up correctly in GUI. When I compile a simple example hello world I get the following error: lazarus error can't call the assembler, error -1 switching to external assembling.

I already change the memory split to 16mb with
sudo raspi-config option 8 memory split to 16mb.

What should be done to fix this problem ??

I have now a different error.

Can not find unit interface used by Hello_World. check if package LCL is in the dependencies.

How could I fix this?

I got the first problem back and again.

The version of lazarus is Lazarus IDE v1.2.4+dfsg-2+b1

Can somebody help me ??

Did you install Lazarus and fpc via sudo apt-get or did you compile the tools from source? Which Free Pascal version do you use?

Paul Breneman:
I don't know what went wrong, but because of your "switching to external assembling" error you should probably install the binutils package.


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