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Status of TCDEdit and TCDCheckBox (and other components)



I read in the wiki that, e.g TCDEdit and TCDCheckBox are "working". 

Does it mean "fully implemented" ?  In which version ?

Currently we definitely can't use them :

* in TCDEDit : Left and right keys are not handled, there is no Text or PasswordChar property
* in TCDCheckBox : no OnClick event.
I do not see any developments in progress in the trunk version since 2012, and Lazarus 1.2.6 contains the same sources... or may be I'm wrong somewhere...but I'm not the only one...

I can understand that finalizing the widgetset requires time and a lot of work, but writing "working" in the status do not help !

PS : I have corrected the keys, and added the 2 properties in TCDEdit, tested in Win32 and Linux GTK2, and I can send them, but before I'd like to be sure of the exact status of this widgetset.


If I wrote working, then it was working for me when I wrote that. Probably a change in the mean time broke it.

The current status is: whatever the status is in SVN trunk.

Yes, please send patches in the bug tracker =) But always make the patch against Lazarus latest SVN.

I have limited time and I am currently focusing in Cocoa, but patches for CustomDrawn are more than welcome!!!

Thanks for your reply.

If have added more diff files in my the bug report 27053 and a new testing program.

This add the Text and PasswordChar properties, and correct the issue with keys left, right, home and end.

Unfortunately I can't access to SVN from where I work (with both svn or http protocol) to check the build and to be sure that I work on the last versions. I can access svn and have checked from home, but I have no right to commit my self and none commit quickly after I send the diff files. So I have no guarantee that the files are not changed after me.

I have a lot of time available currently, and would like to go on patching these components, but I can't do it safely if none help me.



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