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Rosetta comet chaser made using BCB?


Paul Breneman:
I don't see any forum section for such topics so I'll drop it here...    :)

On 26-Sep-2004 Kristofer Skaug wrote (links below to messages): "You want mission critical? Consider the infrastructure for the Rosetta comet chaser, that will need to stay operational until 2014-2015." and he wrote: "Yep, we make these things... using BCB for all the "on-the-bare-iron" programming tasks."

Interesting stuff to go back and read with things currently happening:

***** below written on 5-May-2014 on fpc-pascal list *******

This sort of reminds me of my favorite threads (on exceptions) back in
2001.  The main point is that there are critical industrial uses of
Delphi where things are *much* different than the normal Windows
database app.  Here are two messages that are related:

Fred vS:,25412.msg154279.html#msg154279


Paul Breneman: mentions Delphi

Both the Rosetta spacecraft and the lander module Philae contain several computers.

The main system is FORTH-based, which is also reflected by the hardware that uses a stack-based FORTH–oriented processor (see for details). Other subsystems have been developed with Ada, a language from the Pascal family that is especially suited for mission-critical aerospace applications and that is an established basis for real-time operating systems in space flight.

--- Quote from: Paul Breneman on November 10, 2014, 08:50:54 pm --- mentions Delphi

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And, as we learned now, the ground test equipment software has been written in Delphi.

Altogether, Pascal seems to do a good job here...


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