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Odd registry behaviour in WinXP

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I see at least tree possible reasons for that:
1. COM port adding to bluetooth in WinXP is buggy.
2. There is a problem in the driver of the  bluetooth dongle.
3. There is a problem in the device I am connecting to. It is a custom one, so I might discuss it with the designer. But I cannot think why it would have a connection to COM port assignment, so this does not seem much possible to me.
Thanks for the ideas, I am done with Pascal for this week.

So I can definitely say, that the reason for that behaviour is item 1: COM port adding to bluetooth in WinXP is buggy.
I have added my cell phone and the same problem occurred, which rejected item 3 as a reason for the problem. Then replaced the bluetooth dongle by a one by another manufacturer (or another model, at least, definitely it is smaller than any of the ICs in the other one). The problem reoccured, rejecting item 2 as a possible cause.

EDIT: I do wonder if there is not a buig in the FPC/Lazarus registry functions? In a few days I could try this in another programming language, to check how things are working there.


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