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Porting a large project running on the VMS operating system written in Pascal to Linux and Free Pascal.
However there is no compiler switch for HP VMS Pascal. Would be really useful if just the main syntax differences could be catered for eg: Specifying parameter names in procedure calls (instead of overload) - I could provide a list.
Noticed GNU Pascal has such a compiler switch.
Anyway in the middle of writing a pre-processor to make the syntax changes but wondering if anybody has done something similiar?
HP having just announced VMS retirement after 35 years there must be a lot of HP Pascal around some of which will need to be ported!

If you don't get an answer here, I'd suggest posting on the fpc-devel list as that is where a lot of fpc developers are subscribed...
Not all of them would read this forum.

No, in general there is not much "old unix" (mainframe, commercial unices) pascal activity here. Probably also since GPC seemed to specialize in it. Most ISO features were done by core members. (trunk FPC supports more of ISO 7185 than release versions)

P.s. what is John Reagan doing nowadays? We always can use committers :-)


--- Quote from: marcov on October 24, 2014, 11:19:21 am ---No, in general there is not much "old unix" (mainframe, commercial unices) pascal activity here.

--- End quote ---

VMS is not Unix.

Nor is a mainframe. Unless you're talking about whatever name IBM now has for Unix System Services but even that runs on Z/OS.


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