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What do you get if you mix a Syntax highlighter with a Terminal in Lazarus?  :)

I have mixed and get this little monster:

This is a terminal for using with telnet, SSH or any console program. It has a special panel for commands, with several highlighters, folding and completion code. It can emulate a file explorer and a Text editor using telnet/SSH connections. Moreover, it support automation.

I have recently ported it from VB, and it is still at a Beta Level.

Like the idea  :)  Thanks for sharing   :)

New version is available.

One of the news is that in can use serial connections.
Some libraries has been updated and the translation has been improved.

I tried to test your terminal but I need some help.

I'm working on linux 64bit and once downloaded the project I've needed to solve some dependencies:
- Unterminal
- MisUtils
- SynFacilCompletion
- SynFacilSyn

Now I get this error:
SynFacilCompletion.pas(71,29) Error: Identifier not found "TFaSynBlock"

Now, I've some questions:
1) can you include all dependencies in your terminal main project?
2) where can I find TFaSynBlock?

thanks in advantage :)


In "Project Options" menu, you can see the dependencies:

..\_Librerias\MisUtils 0.2
..\_Librerias\UnTerminal 0.6
..\_Librerias\SynFacilUtils 0.3
..\_Librerias\SynFacilSyn 09.5
..\_Librerias\ConfigFrame 0.4

You need to use these specific versions to compile. They are all in Github.

"TFaSynBlock" is a class defined in the library SynFacilSyn.

Important: This terminal use the program "Plink" for to make telnet, ssh and serial connections. "Plink" is a Window program. I haven't tested this Terminal in Linux. I think it can be adapted.

Can you tell me what are you thinking to achieve with this Terminal?

Thanks for testing.


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