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Ghost of a Frame?

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William Marshall:
     I accidentally added a Frame to a form.  (I meant to add a Panel, but hit the wrong button.)  I deleted it, but now whenever I click on
any of the forms in my project, I get a window telling me to "Select Frame".  I deleted the frame, and there is no TFrame in the Object
Inspector.  I can't do anything in the Designer at all now.  How do I get rid of that window?  (I'm just beginning Lazarus - programming,
really.  I hope this is not an omen.)  Thanks for your help to a complete newbie.

Yes, it seems the Lazarus frame functionality may be broken in the latest release.
If you close Lazarus and delete your misbehaving project (.lpi, .lpr, *.pas/*.pp) you should find the IDE is back to normal and does not shove a "Select Frame" dialog at you all the time.

Does it work in trunk?

this behavior was as told from @William Marshall and in 1.2.4 forgot to mention it in the butracker ...

after adding the frame you have to click to the arrow icon is the first icon on the tollbar from the left and everything works as expected

William Marshall:
Thank you for your replies.  I apologize for my own naive comments here.

howardpc: I really am a complete newbie, but I have written a fair amount of code for this project.  Do I really have to delete it all and
start again?

JuhaManninen: What's "trunk"?

Never: I've already deleted the frame (and won't be adding another one).  What can I do now?


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