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compiling the fpc source

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Is there a article that tells me how to compile the fpc source?
All things are done in my home directory
The fpc source is downloaded by SVN and placed in a directory named fpc.
The fpc-2.6.4 is installed with ./ without problem.
How can I compile the fpc compiler and how to replace the old fpc-2.6.4 with the new one?

--- Code: ---export PP=/home/user/fpc-2.6.4/bin/ppcx64
make all
--- End code ---

A lot of output but it is stuck at:

--- Code: ---make[7] Entering directory /home/user/fpc/rtl/linux
as --64 -o /home/user/fpc/rtl/units/x86_64-linux/prtO.o x86_64/
make[7] as: Command not found
--- End code ---
Machine openSUSE 13.1
Thanks for your attention!

Try command:

--- Code: ---$ fpc -iV
--- End code ---
If you have properly installed FPC, it should prompt

--- Code: ---2.6.4
--- End code ---

Go to directory where you downloaded FPC.

--- Code: ---$ svn update
$ make distclean
$ make all
$ su
make install
--- End code ---
If everything went w/o errors, go to

--- Code: ---/usr/local/bin
--- End code ---
and change the symlink ppcx64 to path:

--- Code: ---/usr/local/lib/fpc/2.7.1/ppcx64
--- End code ---
Now try again:

--- Code: ---$ fpc -iV
--- End code ---
It should prompt

--- Code: ---2.7.1
--- End code ---


--- Code: ---fpc -iTO
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---fpc -iTP
--- End code ---

show resp. the default OS and CPU of the compiler. Useful if you want to see if the correct compiler is chosen set as default.

I am working in my home directory so I skipped the "su" command
All the files in ~/fpc_2.6.4/bin were placed in home/usr/bin
fpc -iV gives 2.6.4 fpc -iTO gives linux fpc -iTP gives x86_64
"make distclean" goes without error
Unfortunately the "make all" gives the error mentioned in my first post
Any more ideas?

AS is part of the binutils package.  In general, the requirements assume you have a general "build-essentials" or similar package installed that contains binutils-gdb-gcc-make-(g)libc.


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