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I followed this document on wiki. Especially ApplicationType, Positioning and size of Dialogs and Forms and The Title "OK" and "X" buttons. I'm developing in winCE.
These settings are not working. I have to put properties Left en Top to the left corner of my screen to see my form.
Also alignment := alClient doesn't work.

Is this document outdated?

What problem do you have with forms on WinCE ?

That its not the look a like I expected as they told en can't get the form in full screen

You can have a form in full screen and still you can have a form as part of screen.

Did you read :

I have developed a few applications for WinCE in a past 3-4 years and they are working very nice on few dozens devices every day, full business time.


I read the first two already. The second one tells about the 'implementation details' for display a wince look a like form as the screenshot. But my demo will not (see my code).

I didn't noticed the 'WinCE Programming Tips' on wiki. It's indeed very usefull. Especially the licence issue.


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