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Which indy version is compatible with winCE?
I created a small application to read a html page with TidHTTP but got error:

--- Quote ---C:\lazarus\Indy10\Lib\Lazarus\IdGlobal.pas(4945,43) Error: Identifier not found "GetWindowsDirectory"
--- End quote ---

I can use compiler directive WINCE, but still got errors from pchar which use to be pwidechar for winCE.

I installed 10.56x in indy

Version 10.56x ?? (where did you get that?)
If i look at the indyproject pages i can see 2 versions for the website: (with (with
(really weird why they have 2 websites like that)
But WinCE should be supported.

Of i download the SVN via
and look in trunk/lib/system/idGlobal.pas i see:

--- Code: ---  {$IFDEF WINDOWS}
  SetLength(sLocation, MAX_PATH);
  SetLength(sLocation, GetWindowsDirectory(
  // GetWindowsDirectory() does not exist in WinCE, and there is no system folder, either
  sLocation := '\Windows\'; {do not localize}

--- End code ---
So according to that WinCE should be supported.

Do you have similar code in your idGlobal.pas? and indy- do not have this WINCE define.
Indy 10.5.8 doesn't either. But Indy 10.6.0 does have the define.
And, as said earlier, trunk does too. So i guess you need a newer version.

I ran a handful of clients (of indy10) on wince a while back, but afaik there is no such thing as a supported version.

Rick, you need to get daily zips from fulgan


--- Quote from: marcov on September 17, 2014, 08:40:06 pm ---Rik   :), you need to get daily zips from fulgan

--- End quote ---

Is there a difference between the trunk found in the link i gave:
and the one on ??
They are the same version. (both revision 5187 at this moment)

AFAIK, the "official" link for the public releases of the current versions of Indy (mainly maintained by Remy Lebeau) is:

Just in case, there is also an Indy forum (if you don't already know it):


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