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Unit for TDictionaryStringList


Is there a unit that must be included when using TDictionaryStringList? I have tried adding the Lazutils package, but the compiler tells me Error: Identifier not found "TDictionaryStringList".

Thanks in advance.


Windows 7, 32 bit.

You don't need the lazutils package, the LCL is the only dependency (which your project will already have by default).
Make sure DictionaryStringList is in your uses clause.

Thanks for the reply. When I put DictionaryStringList in the uses clause I get "Can not find unit DictionaryStringList". I'm sure this is due to ignorance on my part of something elementary; is there something else I am missing? My version of Lazarus is 1.0.10. Is it perhaps too old?


--- Quote from: bruce.button on August 26, 2014, 11:08:20 am ---My version of Lazarus is 1.0.10. Is it perhaps too old?

--- End quote ---
Could be. It's over a year ago. Things could get added/removed/changed a lot within a year.

Thank you! I have got it working with version 1.2.4.


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