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fpc on COS ?


Fred vS:

Does fpc work on COS (China Operating System) ?  =>
Has somebody already try it ?


Interesting.  Google Translate does a good enough job on the home site (, but I don't see anywhere to actually download the OS.  Is this a real product yet, or is it still in marketing?


--- Quote from: Fred vS on August 25, 2014, 04:03:24 pm ---Does fpc work on COS (China Operating System) ? 

--- End quote ---

According to that link it doesn't support native apps, only html5 and java.

The link doesn't describe what it doesn't support, only what it does support.  And even then it doesn't report it as fact.

--- Quote ---According to the official statements, COS supports HTML5 based applications and Java based applications.
--- End quote ---
I think it's fair to assume Fred vS read the link he posted  :)


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