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I have old program (Windows) that is write on Borland Pascal 7.0 for Windows and I want to recompile it with FPC for 32 or 64 bit.

But first problem that I see is that FPC can't find "Fatal: Can't find unit WinTypes used by Program".

Is a possible or not?


You must find what in your code is declared in WinTypes unit and find which unit correspond to it in Lazarus. You could, for instance, comment WinTypes in you code and let the compiler say what is not declared. Then you can right-click in the compiler messages which say "Identifier not Found" and find the appropriate units.

Wintypes and winprocs (and another one, can't remember) was the Windows 3.11 (BPW/Delphi 1) equivalents of what is now the Windows unit.

FPC never was really compatible with Win 3.11 offerings (the BP compatibility is modeled after dos, and the Windows is directly setup as 32-bit (Win95, D2+)).

So simply replace wintypes and winprocs in the USES list with "windows".


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