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TiniFile alters inifile comments

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--- Quote from: klyxmaster on August 17, 2014, 02:06:22 pm ---anyone have a trick to prevent the "=#" scenario?

--- End quote ---

I have no trick, but you can alter the behaviour to what you want by changing the IsComment function of the Inifiles unit. Unfortunately it is a stand-alone function, not a virtual method of TIniFile which could be overridden without needing to tinker with the source. Simply change it to the following:

--- Code: ---
function IsComment(const AString: string): boolean;
  Comments: set of Char =[';','#'];
  c: char;
  Result := False;
  if (AString > '') then
    Result:=(AString[1] in Comments);
--- End code ---

Rather than alter the sources, I would just copy the source to your project directory, renaming to something other than inifile, and put the altered file in your uses clause, rather than inifile.


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