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Laz AutoUpdate component - beta

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Beta version is ready for testing.  The installer deploys an example application which uses the Laz AutoUpdate component.

Download from here: SourceForge project site

Summary and Blurb
LazAutoUpdate is a drop-in component for developers who host their applications on SourceForge.   It makes updating your application with newer versions a simple and painless process for both the developer and the end user.


Source Code
Available via the SourceForge project site (SVN) Linky

Dev Environment
Windows 32-bit tested.  Should be OK on x64
Lazarus 1.2.4  FPC 2.6.2


Expected behaviour
The example application installs into the [Program Files] folder.
There are two buttons to click:
[Check for newer version]
[Check, Download and Install]

The app should be reporting version 0.0.2 at start up.  (Newer version 0.0.6 is available)

* [Check for newer version] should report that one is available
* [Check, Download and Install] should download the newer version, then close the app, update it and restart the newer version
Initial feedback appreciated on this thread..

More info in the Wiki

Updates itself to v.0.0.3 now

Is there a plan to make it cross-platform?

Yes, absolutely.

First, I need to see if the concept is sound, and Windows offers the easiest platform for me to test.

Besides, I have yet to get a linux lazarus dev platform running on my machine (long story), but there is nothing windows-specific in the source.

I'm just looking for some feedback before I invest too much time into it.


Can not find aboutlazautoupdateunit.pas , Please check it.

Best regards and thanks!


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