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demo works fine on emulator but not on scanner

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I've have done everything (except the sqlite driver) to create an emulator.
This is working fine. I can create an wince application (form,label,edit,memo,button) and show it in my emulator (pocket pc). So you think it's working, so copied my executable to my barcodescanner (MC9100 series, winCE 5.0) and run it.
I'm only see some flash, no form on screen. Only a button in the taskmanager which shows the application is started.

Only a warm reboot can get my barcodescanner back to his origin settings.

Are there any other things that I have to do to get it work?

Can You specify a precise model of Motorola and WinCE version ?

Have you set top and left of the form to 0?

I have same problem with my Psion Workabout Pro 3.
No form at all but application is running.

Top := 0; Left:=0;  - doesn't work.
Position := poDesktopCenter; - doesn't work.

Try 'killing' it in Task Manager (in my device Start -> Shortcuts -> Task Manager).



Try edit source project file and add there

--- Code: ---begin
Application.ApplicationType := atPDA;  // <- add this line

--- End code ---

it worked for me :) i can see form now

Is that documented at
or related pages?


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