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[SOLVED] Unrecognized Opcodes

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Stock Lazarus is 32-bit, are you sure you installed the 64-bit crosscompiler and selected it a 64-bit target, since that is 64-bit assembler?

The FASM hex looks strange, using the db66 escape prefix, which means that that instruction is not in native 64-bit mdoe?

The same instruction 32bit:

--- Code: ---  //adcx    EAX, [EBX+8*EDX]
  db 066h db 00Fh db 038h db 0F6h db 004h db 0D3

--- End code ---

Hmm, if I google a bit, seems that these are Broadwell instructions. These chips are only sampling at the moment, so this is very bleeding edge.

Seems trunk hasn't got them yet either.


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