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--- Quote from: taazz on July 31, 2014, 05:33:44 am ---
--- Quote from: nrs1022 on July 31, 2014, 05:27:15 am ---Hello taazz! That's great and works. Thanks! Thread receives the message WM_QUERYENDSESSION, and I can use the function: String is displayed as reason and Windows waits to my app. Unfortunately, the thread is locked waiting for jobs to finish without sending FALSE as response to WM_QUERYENDSESSION to Windows. Apparently Windows continues to wait (I can't test it enough to verify), but according to MSDN app could be forcely closed because FALSE has not been sent.

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How about change the wait code to add some time out and respond to messages, then check if the threads have ended and restart wait with time out again.

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Well, finally I've solved the question. My solution has been setted in the following way:

1- My App has a main thread and other threads. One of these threads manages Windows messages like WM_QUERYENDSESSION and WM_ENDSESSION (Let's say, this thread is my "Messages Thread").

2- When WM_QUERYENDSESSION is received, "Messages Thread" enables a flag so my main thread is warned about Windows is shutting down. "Messages Thread" waits until Main Thread answers (My main thread is essentially a loop, so anwser is done inmediately). When answer is received, "Messages Thread" uses function "ShutdownBlockReasonCreate" to define a reason and finally "Messages Thread" returns 0 (or FALSE) to Windows.

3- My main thread (already warned about shutdown) begins to cleanup all tasks (And Windows displays "my reason to delay shutdown"). When all tasks are done, I need to destroy the "Reason" previously defined. So, I need to call to this function:

Function ShutdownBlockReasonDestroy(Handle: hWnd): Bool; StdCall; External 'user32';

The handle for both functions is the handle returned  by "CreateWindow" when I've created the thread.
Just like "ShutdownBlockReasonCreate", I can't use ShutdownBlockReasonDestroy outside "Messages Thread" so I defined a new message (e.g. WM_USER) on "Messages Thread" so I can use that function too.

4- Finally, before shutting down, I post a new message to "Messages Thread"  with


so ShutdownBlockReasonDestroy is called... and all done!

Thank you very much to taazz and engkin for your help!


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