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Help Me ... how to use indylaz ? (Indy 10)

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In page which BigChimp suggest ( you can also find:

In order to write & compile Indy10 applications, you need to put the path to the Indy directory in the "Other Unit files" textbox of every project that you write. You'll find "Other Unit files" under Project Options -> Compiler Options -> Paths.

Thanks, now it works ... !! THANKS :DD !

But .. mm .. is that bug, or it just minded to do that every time I'm creating new project ?!
But ... ok thank tou all very much for answering me !!
Best forum I've seen ! ... you know : ) !? ... 20 min and answer got !!!

you are welcome. :)
It's hard to say if it is a bug or not. I don't think Indy is "officially" supported by laz team.
Installing some components are not so comfortable as it is in some other "concurent IDEs" - until now there is always something to improve ;)


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