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Help Me ... how to use indylaz ? (Indy 10)

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I've installed indylaz to lazarus by using *.lpk file.
How can I use it now ?

For ex. I'm dropping an IdSMTP icon to Project and I have dor result:

unit1.pas(8,68) Fatal: Can not find unit IdSMTP used by Unit1., but indylaz marked as installed !!
What's wrong, please help me !!!   :-\

Welcome to the forum!

Don't use Indy myself, but please, please please: give your
- Lazarus, operating system version
- Indy version (and where you got it/what instructions you followed to get it)
That will surely help others help you.

See the first link in my signature.


Laza..: Lazarus 1.2.4;
OS: Ubuntu 14.04

I allways have such problems.... Maybe is something wrong with indy installation package.
The (not  100% clean) solution could be include indy files to the "include files" and "library files" in project option

"Project" | "Project Options" | "Paths" --> "Include Files", "Libraries"

Then it should find it and compile it.

Plenty of notes on indy here
don't know how current these are.


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