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Windows Embedded Compact 7 - Unable to import library aygshell

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Can somebody helps me with this issue ?
My exe (wince/arm) failed to load on Windows Embedded Compact 7 device. It stops with this error :

Unable to import library aygshell

This exe used to works from Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Embedded 6.53. Aygshell is available in windows folder !

Where should I start ?

Try to read and make changes like in post,23237.0.html


Thank you for your tip but can you help me on this ? I've deleted aygshell*.* files in "C:\lazarus\fpc\2.6.4\units\arm-wince\winceunits" folder but I'm no more able to compile my project. I'm getting error like :

--- Quote ---wince\winceint.pp(41,5) Fatal: Can't find unit aygshell used by WinCEInt
--- End quote ---

I've tried to add "C:\lazarus\fpc\2.6.4\source\packages\winceunits\src" to the add. search path but it failed too.

Thank you

As I can see, problem is in 3 functions : SHCreateMenuBar, SHFindMenuBar, SHRecognizeGesture.

Goal is to remove calls from WinCe-LCL , not to delete aygshell*.* files.

Reinstall Lazarus and FPC and make this changes.

I have restored aygshell*.* compiled files.
You are telling me that I need to modify WinCE-LCL files ? Does this means that all files located in folder C:\lazarus\lcl\interfaces\wince should be modified ?

Thank you for your help


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