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Progress of BLOB being uploaded to a MySQL Database.


Hello fellow programmers,

I am busy programming a database application that requires documents to be uploaded and downloaded
as supporting documents to and from client tables,
I have successfully created such an upload and download BLOB field however have found the upload process can take some time,
and thus would like to create a progress bar,
I have no idea how to find the current status of the

dmoUbuntu.quePdf.ParamByName('content').LoadFromFile(OpenDialog1.FileName, ftBlob); 

query as it is being executed and commited.

I have searched everywhere for an answer to the above problem,
but have been unable to find one anywhere,
Also I cannot locate any examples of SQL progress bars within the Lazarus IDE or from any source it seems,

Thank you
I know that I have come to the right place for an answer to this irritation  :D

Any Ideas on this as yet?

Should I be using the data throughput sent via the Executable rather?

I was just hoping that there would be a more simple, Lazarus function that could monitor the data transmission

as it is uploaded.


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