Author Topic: Can't find a 1-Byte CharSet, using IBConnection, that shows Swedish letters  (Read 1919 times)


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I'm having trouble finding the appropriate character set for showing Swedish letters (å, ä and ö). In other environments ISO8859_1 has always done the trick but in Lazarus it just makes them show up as "?". I've tried connecting to both Interbase and Firebird with the same result.

You can use UTF8 to display them correctly but as they then take up 2 bytes the string-fields exceed their size limit.

So is there a 1-Byte CharSet that show these letters correctly or is Lazarus just not the way to go in this particular case?


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Lazarus always expects, that strings are UTF8Strings (AFAIK)


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Just set IBConnection1.CharSet to "UTF8" in object inspector before connecting.

It is your client encoding. This property just says to Firebird server that your client needs utf8 encoding. So, it is okay that your server keeps data in ISO8859_1.


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