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Developing in VMware shared folder?



at the moment I'm developing with Windows 7. As I want to use my software
with several operating systems, I'm also running a Linux Lazarus version within
VMware. In order to compile it, I copy the application folder into the VMware
shared folder every time before I switch to Linux.

Does anyone have experience in developing directly in the VMware shared
folder (with one OS at the same time, of course)? Or could there be any
side effects I'm not aware of?

Thank you


I've just done this myself with Virtualbox (not VMWare) with no issues.

Mind you, I'm not simultaneously accessing that shared folder each time.  I'm ensuring the Windows Laz is closed before switching to Linux and versa vice.  Having both open at the same time wouldn't (well shouldn't) work, but I don't think it's what you're asking...

Couldn't get virtualbox  automounting to work, so manually mounted the shared folder myself.

If you use national characters then string constants can be interpreted differently.

A slightly different approach works pretty well for me. On my main dev machine I share folder with sources and map it locally. Then on all other virtual or real computers I map that same folder in the same way. So, everyone sees the folder and access is uniform from all computers. Later, you just have to backup that single folder.


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