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It would be very nice if we had a SynEdit for handling Documents WYSIWYG file formats etc, one way to do this would be to create a TSynRichEdit at least to allow RichText handling of things for at least advanced text if not images etc.

This would allow some level of compatibility with TRichEdit of the VCL.

While the current SynEdit may or may not allow for extended functionality needed for everything, at least it would be possible to use the FCL RTFPars to allow some sort of this functionality with effort for read only text(viewing files etc). later on effort could be added to allow saving, by using the parser to append information to an internal stream on change etc.

Quite possibly an enormously difficult task, but if taken far enough, through something like the fpimage framework, but a fpwyiswyg framework or some such, it would be possible to extend this quite a bit beyond Delphi by allowing adding custom file formats, staroffice xml, word doc, wordperfect wpd etc etc.


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