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SQLite3 + encryption for WinCE (arm4i)

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Hi ,

sorry for replying so late but I was pretty busy.

I think that there is not any king of magic bullet available for this kind of requirement.
SQLite has lot of compile-time IFDEFs, also Visual C++ compiler offers some nice optimizations (but your library will grow in binary size).
Most of the time engine will spent processing data so you have to think of more about how to properly squeeze maximum performance from engine via queries and think about every one you type. Even best compilers in the world won`t solve developer lazyness.

One example from life: there was a report (data are in Oracle DB 11.2) that was running for 11-12 hours till it finishes. After some SQL queries tuning it`s now finished 3 minutes :).

Is there any simple 3.11.1 sqlite dll for wince? Or, this AES128 encryption can open regular sqlite3 databases? Database which created using regular sqlite3. I constantly get "database malformed" or "file is encrypted or is not a database" error messages when I switched using 3.11.1 with aes128 and thread safe version.

This 3.11.1 version that I`ve compiled is fully able to operate on encrypted/non-encrypted files.
Please see first post - I`ve written there some hints how to work with encryption.



Is it possible that we get a new version of DLL compiled for wince, please? If possible a simple DLL with no encryption and another one with encryption is appreciated.

There is some kind of a bug in 3.11.1 DLL version.

1) When I use a code like below:

--- Code: ---Transaction.Action := caCommit;
Transaction.Options := [stoUseImplicit];

[... do some insert/delete/update ...]

--- End code ---

I cannot see changes until a database close/open, or application complete close and start again. On the other hand, same application runs without any problem with version 3.9.2 DLL.

2) I have a database with 4 million records inside. Database size is about 1.3GB. There is no problem opening and using it with 3.9.2 DLL, and 3.11.1 simply says database corrupt, or bad or something like that and cannot even open that database.



Link on first post is dead - can you make it alive ?



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