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I just installed Lazarus and set up a small project - a few buttons, etc.  All goes well when I use Build to re-build my Unit1,
but when I try Build All it tries to recompile some things from GTK and XLib, which fails.
I traced the failure to "GTK1" not being defined, so I just added dGTK1 to my .fpc.cfg.

Is Build All supposed to build these files.  I would have expected that it would just rebuild all files in the project.
Could I have something mis-configured?  The Build All does succeed after adding the definition for GTK1.

It also seems that since I am using the GTK widget set (it is checked in compiler options) that Lazarus would (should) define GTK1 automatically?

If someone could clarify how this works it would be helpful.

Vincent Snijders:
I gave some hints at:


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