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Sandeep Chandra:
Has anyone done an install for WinCE stuff yet?



I will try in holidays next week.

Would be interesting if anyone compile it, disbribuite them to test.

I don't have time now to read the wiki page (compile, see errors why not compiled etc...etc..). But i have time to test in my ipaq.

I have HP iPaq 4150 (400mhz, 64 ram) with PocketPC 2003.

I haven't created an installer yet, but I guess installers don't care whether the file came form Lazarus or some other development system ;)
A quick search showed this one for example to create installers.

well..but would be possible a zip distributed system to our test, true?

I know how works my ipaq. I don't need an installer (if don't need key registris etc.) to test it.

An installer would be interesting when lazarus WinCe port become stable.

As i mentioned, i don't had time to compile it. Can you send me the binaries you use to run lazarus in the emulator? I will test in my iPaq.


--- Quote ---Well, the main arguments against using Lazarus+WinCE in a end-user project for me currently are twese things:
1. the forms/windows are not yet fully fitting (forms can be moved, sub-forms do not appear completely at first)
--- End quote ---

Another option if you need to develop immediately is to just use Free Pascal, and call the Windows API directly, just like you would do on c or c++

--- Quote ---2. threads: I have a button that starts a thread doing something that takes longer. Sometimes the thread starts, sometimes not.
--- End quote ---

Ok, to isolate this bug we need to find out if it's on Lazarus or on the compiler.

Can you create a simple console application that uses threads and see if the bug still appears?

If threads on a console application are OK, then the problem is on Lazarus. If not, the problem is on the compiler.

--- Quote ---3. the app I'm working on runs (except for #2) in the emulator, but not on the device, where it terminates after less than a second.
--- End quote ---

Console applications (acctually doesn't have to be console, but I mean an application that doesn't use anything from Lazarus) work on your device?




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