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Thanks for posting your installation wiki, I just followed that to get a working setup for compiling GUI pocket pc apps, very helpful.

I'd like to know the answers to your q1 & 4 myself. As to the two-clicks-to-exit bug, calling close in the forms OnClose gets around that. And as for reducing the exe size, arm-wince-strip takes "hello word" from 16MB to 2MB. Or did you mean reduce the size beyond what strip does? 2MB is still quite large for hello world :).

1. I think that the whole window management needs still a lot of work, the more I played around with it, the more problems with multiple windows etc. I found ;) I need at least a simple Yes/No dialog box; well, maybe I'll look into the CE APIs and call it directly...
(update: the MessageBox function works fine if really fed with PWideChar (typecasted from WideString, not AnsiString!), so this'll do for my sub windows)

2. I added a formMain.Close to my OnClose event, but that didn't change anything (update: my fault... I also had a thread still not freed, not that workaround works around :) ).

3. Well, I was thinking about all that smartlinking stuff since a look into the file showed a bunch of debug data that wouldn't be necessary, but I didn't think about the strip command - thanks a lot for the tip, that's sufficient for me for now :)

4. MSDN: file attributes: it seems WinCE has quite a lot more attributes than Win32. Based on that I would guess that the files not shown are ROM files with attribute FILE_ATTRIBUTE_INROM, which is not part of faAnyFile. I'm going to play around some with those attributes tomorrow.

5 (new). What works fine in the emulator just shows very very shortly on the actual device - I just see the main form buttons, then it automatically closed itself again.


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