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How to install MySQL Components?



I'd like to install the MySQL-Package. When I chose the Package on "Open package file"  and trying to install it i get a box: "Rebuild Lazarus?"
The packages "MySQLLaz 0.1.1. was marked for installation. Currently Lazarus only supports static linked packages. The real installation needs rebuilding and restarting of Lazarus.
Do you want to rebuild Lazarus now?"

But if click "Yes" nothing happens. Any ideas?
anyone knows how to install this Package?


Vincent Snijders:
Can you give some more information, please?

Is this linux or windows (or another OS)?

Can you rebuild lazarus by using the command from the Tools menu?

I'm using Windows 2000 and I can't rebuild it with the command from the tools menu.

Vincent Snijders:
Make sure the directory containing gnu make is on your path.

Gnu make is distributed with fpc and can be found in the same directory as the pascal compiler ppc386.exe. If you path environment variable contains spaces, put the make directory as the first directory in the path environment variable.



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