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Source code regressions/corruption by Lazarus

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I am running the latest Lazarus on Xubuntu in Virtualbox. Shared folders do not work, so I mostly develop in Windows and copy the whole unit-text from the Windows IDE to the Linux IDE. Then I press Ctrl+S, saving.

Never ever do I paste files below Lazarus. Never ever do I work the other way: I edit in Windows and paste the text into the unit in Lazarus on Linux.
Because Windows works almost fluently, but Linux is slow and a hassle with multiple windows and is otherwise a PITA.

Nevertheless Lazarus irregularly prompts me: "Some files have changed on disk", "Ignore changes?", "Reload from disk?"

I chose to ignore. But misteriously features are lost and bugs already fixed reappear. Now the first thing is to doubt my sanity, and so I did, but as I have been adhering religiously to the protocol above, no other explanation comes to mind. Especially since NO such messages should occur!

Might it have to do with the difference between time handling? Seems absurd, as I only paste new text, not files. 

I had this type of code regressions with Delphi back in the day (15 years ago). Suddenly I found myself solving the same old bugs again. But Delphi did not prompt me. I guess it happened exiting the IDE with a buggy AutoSave feature. But I do not exit Lazarus.

I guess this is just an alert; maybe this gets others to post similar experiences.

This seems limited to Linux.

PS thinking about this, this maybe a clue: the app itself copies the folder it is (alongside the source code) in to another folder. So it touches the source files. Lazarus may be interpreting the touch as a change.

If this is the case, checking the checkbox "Compare content" in the prompt Lazarus gives me does not help. Only remembering the file content at the prior date (with a hash), allows Lazarus to detecting real *changes*, not just a change in the filedate.

So this probably triggers the problems, but nevertheless they should not occur. It explains why this occurs on Linux only because Windows does not log read accesses to files.

But maybe I am doing cross-platform development the wrong way. Any tips would be helpful. Should I develop only on Windows?

Are 100% sure that the "native" windows project and all its files is in different directory than linux project and that linux project contains no symlinks?

I don't know if it can be some wrong setting of VirtualBox, I have not much experience with it.

Does Virtualbox not support shared folders?
Having to cut and paste code between 'identical' but different files sounds like a maintenance nightmare.

Watch the system clock.

Maybe it changes for some reason?

You get that message twice a year when the time changes between daylight saving and not-daylight saving.


--- Quote ---Shared folders do not work
--- End quote ---
They do in my virtual box with Ubuntu. It was a bit tricky to get it working: you have to mount the shared folder in addition to enabling the shared folder in the VirtualBox additions.


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