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Really basic linux question


I have to use the Very Very Basic Linux error result: ErrNo.


It is part of the package "rtl":

and resides in the "oldlinux" unit.

But I don't have a clue as to resolve "Identifier not found" error in Lazarus (latest stable). Adding unit "oldlinux" doesn't change a thing, neither adding "linux".

Any suggestions?

For what? FPC maintains an Errno for its own kernel queries, and so does libc.  IOW to check the error result of FPC functions you need errno, and for the errors of libc functions you need cerrno.

Oldlinux has been long removed. It was a part of the 1.0.x rtl.   The cleaned up functionality (including FPC's internal errno) is in unit baseunix. The libc errno is in unit initc.


For posteriority: adding "baseunix" did the trick. Somehow it didn't make it to my unit list. Thanks Marcov.


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